Cat Fanciers of British Columbia presents "Lucky Cat Affair" Abbotsford, BC

March 9 & 10, 2019
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To qualify for Early Bird, your payment must be received by no later than
January 15, 2019.

Regular entries must be received and paid by no later than 10 PM PST on
March 1, 2019.

Cats co-owned by members of two different households are eligible for the multi-cat entry discounts only if a Xerox copy of the cat's TICA registration accompanies the cat's entry. The registration must show the names of both co-owners. (If you are entering such a cat online, you must fax, mail, or email a copy of the registration to the entry clerk in order to receive these discounts.)

Yes, you can pay at the door. But it'll cost you $25 extra!
All entries not paid in advance are subject to a $25 late fee

Why? Because collecting entry fees at the door really slows down the check-in process. Also, the club really needs to collect funds up front: most of our expenses must be paid before the show starts.

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Please fill out the summary sheet below:
Your name:  
Email address:    
Street address:  
City/state/zip code:  
Best time to reach you:
I am a Junior Exhibitor, or will bring a Junior Exhibitor with me. Junior Exhibitor name(s):

Junior Exhibitor membership number(s):
Benching request (one only, please):  (please specify only one name)
Handicapped (does not count as benching request)
Cage/space requirements: Total number of double spaces needed:  

I have my own cages (specify how many): 
I would like to clerk. I would prefer to clerk for the following judges and/or on the following days:
I would like to steward. Which day(s)? Any preferences regarding which judges or clerks? (Also, if someone other than you will be the steward -your child, for example- please include their name below.)
I am a new exhibitor. Please send me your New Exhibitor's Guide.

Entries (must be received & paid by March 23, 2018)


How Many

One 2-Day Entry in 1 double cage (21" x 21" x 45") $125     
Two 2-Day Entries in 1 double cage (same owner)
Two 2-Day Entries in TWO double cages (same owner)
Three 2-Day Entries in TWO double cages (same owner)
Fourth & additional 2-day entry (per entry, same owner)
 Subtotal before discount:
Early Bird discount, if applicable:

Subtotal after discount:
Click "Calculate" to calculate your subtotals and discount, if any. (Does not submit form.)
$ 0.00
One-Day Entry: 1 entry in 1 double cage space
Caging & Benching Space

How Many

Additional double cage space or Grooming space (45" x 21") ONLY IF SPACE ALLOWS  $50      
Exhibition/Sale cage - due to space limitations, we are not offering ex/sale cages for this show -


How Many

Our ring sponsorships include a free link to your website, free advertising, and other benefits (detailed info).

If ordering a sponsorship, please provide the following information about your cattery/business and your website:

Cattery or business name (for sponsorship listings):

Website, if any (for sponsorship links):
Ring Sponsorship - 1 ring, one day (either Sat AM+PM or Sun) (includes Junior Ring)

Ring preference (1st choice):
Ring preference (2nd choice):
(check box to order)
Two-day ring sponsorship 1 ring, all weekend

Ring preference (1st choice):
Ring preference (2nd choice):
(check box to order)
Other Items

How Many

Business Card Ad in Exhibitor Catalog and Spectator's Guide - please send ad (JPG) to entry clerk
$ 10
Marked catalog (electronic format only)
$ 5
Extra catalog (one catalog is free with first entry)
$ 10
Substitution fee

$ 10

Donation to local rescue group (suggested -- thanks)

Donation to CF of BC rosette fund (suggested -- thanks)


Donation to TICA NW Region (suggested -- thanks)

Grand Total:
Click to (re)calculate your total. (Does not submit form.)

$ 0.00

Comment for entry clerk (optional):
  Payment Method: How will you pay for your sponsorship/advertising fees?

To prove that you are a human and not a computer, please answer the following question:

How many feet does a cat normally have?      

By entering this show, I agree to the following terms:

  • My cats are entered at my own risk.
  • If I have any changes, I will contact the Entry Clerk immediately.
  • I will abide by and uphold the rules of TICA and the Show Committee.
  • Entering the show (completing and sending the summary sheet) constitutes a legal obligation to pay all fees related to the show, regardless of whether my cats(s) actually attend and participate in the show.
  • I will pay all fees by one of the following options: Money order or bank cheque payable to "Cat Fanciers of BC", EMT Transfer (Canadians only) or via PayPal payment to:
  • There are no refunds once an entry or service request has been received by the Entry Clerk. However, substitutions may be made. See Fees Section.
  • Any excess payment is considered a donation to the show.
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